The logo and packaging of ‘Seen’ was inspired by the rorschach inkblot test.
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levis photo

While Levi’s ® has played a pioneering role in promoting & supporting music all over the world, Strings has inspired scores of musicians in Pakistan to take their own original approach to music. Continue reading


Uth Oye commissioned Adnan Malik to shoot the 2011 Look Book. Continue reading

Ramchand Pakistani

Adnan Malik Edited the television trailer for Mehreen Jabbar’s debut feature film ‘Ramchand Pakistani’ Continue reading

20 Years of Deepak Perwani

AMP was commissioned by Wall’s Magnum to make a documentary to commemorate 20 years of Deepak Perwani in the fashion industry. Continue reading


Television Commercial for Daraz.Pk, an online fashion retailer. Continue reading


AMP was commissioned to make 2 films for the Djuice ‘Go Live’ Campaign. This first film was a satirical take on the Pakistani Fashion Industry. Continue reading

The Joy Of Spring

AMP was commissioned to make 2 Television Commercials for Al Karam ‘Joy Of Spring’ 2014. Continue reading

Deconstructing The Terrorist

AMP was commissioned to produce 2 television commercials for Al Karam ‘Joy of Spring’ Continue reading


Coke Studio embodies a musical fusion of exciting elements and diverse influences, ranging from traditional eastern, modern western and regionally inspired music. Continue reading


An improbable cast of A-list celebrities and culturally marginalized performers are brought together to shoot a surrealistic music video for one of Pakistan’s biggest rock stars. Continue reading

Telephone Pyar

An intimate voice-over telephone conversation between an unidentified man and woman is laid over archival material sourced from Lollywood films. Continue reading


A small (and incidental) viral video that reflects the infectious joy shared by Karachi’s citizens during a political rally in December 2011. Continue reading


Slackistan Is An Independent Film Directed By London-Based Filmmaker, Hammad Khan. Slackistan Has Been Called ‘Cult’ By The Bbc Entertainment News And “One Of A Kind” By The Huffington Post. Continue reading


Originally commissioned for the 2008 Sunday Magazine ‘Face of the Year’ awards. Continue reading