About Allianze Med Pharma

Allianze Med Pharma is one of the pakistan’s leading pharmaceutical company. Allianze med pharma is a values-based company, deeply rooted in science and innovation to transform new ideas and discoveries into medicines for patients with serious illnesses. Allianze med pharma is a young and dynamic company specialized in one of the therapeutic segment of nephrology like management of hyperphosphatemia, we are the only company providing complete shpt treatment to ckd patients thus leading from the front by creating the niche market. We are honoured to introduced the most awaited and novel drugs at affordable price with high quality medicine in Pakistan . Allianze Med Pharma is committed to applying science, utilize global resources to improve health and wellbeing at every Stage of life. In past the management has vast experience of selling the biosimilar products like erythropoietin in Pakistan. Allianze Med Pharma is keep on expending its operation nation wide horizontally and vertically in the field of nephrology, urology, cardiology and internal medicine. We are committed to grow via acquisition, in-Licensing new opportunities and forming mutually beneficial business partnership. An organization that creates differentiation through pioneer ship in cause oriented marketing. Takes care of its employees, recognizes merit through rewards on achievements. Bears a progressive approach thereby encouraging initiatives, welcoming new ideas and always ready to move off the beaten track. Respects the hands that help relief pain and suffering. Embraces Information Technology as heart of the business and employs leading technologies to help achieve defined objectives. Allianze Med Pharma has strong relations with customer, high expectations, commitment towards branding and academic services provider to Pakistan society of Nephrology. With strong field force network and marketing structure that eventually paved the way for it success. Before incorporation of amp the existing management &team has been dealing with biosimilar products like erythropoietin, iron sucrose first time in Pakistan and currently they have top selling brands of Pakistan.


Allianze Med Pharma Vision to recognize as strong marketing company .Allianze Med Pharma empowering life for well being & has emerged as the integrated pharmaceuticals company in Pakistan. Our medicines typically address diseases for which there was no option or limited treatment options. Our dream is to build a healthier society by becoming a leading and socially responsible global company through innovative solutions.


Our Mission

Allianze med Pharma’s mission is to develop, produce and market safe, effective and quality medicines and healthcare products that will improve the health and quality of life of men, women and children. Our dream is to build a healthier society by becoming a leading and socially responsible global company through innovative solutions.

  1.  Our mission is to be a global organization whose philosophy is characterized by a highly refined sense of ethics which is expressed tangibly through its dealings while upholding highest standards of integrity.
  1. Be a leader in providing quality healthcare solutions and where patients’ wellbeing is viewed as the ultimate concern.
  2. Seeks to assure fair returns on investments through sustainability and growth.